“Black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony” (Coco Chanel)

This is a special annual edition that describes and proffers up inspiration for special moments and moods.
The Italian Touch / White Edition is the story, in 64 pages, of modern style, elegance, and couture fashion. In hairstyling, as in fashion and culture, the inspiration we offer draws and reflects upon the most important events in our lives. Alessia Solidani’s hair fashion collections are found between reports on trends and art: the centuries-old history of Swarovski, the fabrics of the most beautiful clothes of the past 50 years, the tradition of superior craftsmanship and Italian design, and an interview with the most important flower designer in the world.

White is not, however, just a luxury magazine, because just as elegance is not dependent on money but is, instead, the antithesis of vulgarity and slovenliness, luxury is not just about cost, value or the rarity of something, but is the freedom to choose and decide upon which world to live in. Even more importantly, during ceremonies and important moments in life, as Coco Chanel was wont to say: “Style must reach the streets and daily life, otherwise it’s just fashion. And while fashion passes, style remains”. We try to explain this concept in this new publication.


Editorial project

K-NOW as in Kemon, now: what its deemed as beautiful, today, by Kemon, creates culture and deserves to be described, photographed and published on the pages of the brand’s magazine K-NOW as in know: understanding, conveying a message, expressing our own values through design ranges …

Snøhetta’s last marvel

Only reachable from the sea, Svart is the most environmentally friendly hotel in the world

North of Norway in the Arctic Circle, at the base of the Svartisen glacier, with one foot on the earth and one in the water, Snøhetta architecture studio has produced its latest design miracle. The Svart hotel is, in fact, the first hotel to be …

Street-art evolution

Philippe Echaroux's monumental projections on Amazon Rainforest trees: Project Street-Art 2.0

Street art against deforestation: As founder of the Street Art 2.0 project, French artist and photographer Philippe Echaroux has devloped an evolution of street art that is technological and ecological in form. Instead of working with spray cans and brushes, Echaroux has used the projection …

Alessia Solidani’s wonderful hairstyles

Backstage photos from the shooting of the new WHITE Collection dedicated to brides and haute couture

Milan, 13th February, Cross Studio. The new WHITE Collection dedicated to ceremonies and grand soirées has been taken on by Bookin ‘Agency, under Alessia Solidani’s careful artistic direction. Two moods: hairstyles and outfits for the daytime and a change for your evening look. Four hairstylists …

This month’s haircut / FEBRUARY 2018

Katy Perry with her beautiful double peach colouring: a very interesting fake undercut

Years of experimentation with colour, although always remaining faithful to her characteristic long hair. After the break with her boyfriend (rumour says), came the classic cut that led her to show off very short platinum declinations. In this latest version, however, Katy Perry now boasts …

HAIR TREND // Sanremo 2018

The neverending shades of Copper: Annalisa, Nina Zilli, Noemi and Ornella Vanoni

Al Festival della Canzone italiana di Sanremo, oltre le canzoni, sono conduttori, abiti, ospiti e polemiche varie “ciò di cui si parla”. Dal lato hair, “quest’anno, tra i tanti déjà-vu, possiamo parlare di ‘colore del festival’: il Rame, o meglio, le sue infinite sfumature – …

The invisible man

Amazingly camouflaged, can you spot him? The incredible performances of Liu Bolin displayed at Vittoriano Museum, Rome

From 2nd March until 1st July, the Chinese artist Liu Bolin will be at the centre of a great exhibition on his incredible art of camouflage at the Rome Vittoriano: in his works the body is always incredibly camouflaged against his background, immobile, like a …

The brilliant street-art of JR

The monumental works of the French artist on display at Lazinc in London: see the gallery

The Frenchman, who became an artist after chancing upon a camera on a metro train, started taking and gluing together images on the same streets where he created them. JR (like the initials of his name, but also in reference to the famous villain of …

Always provoking

"More than fifty years of magnificent failures": the photographic career of Oliviero Toscani on show in Otranto

Born in Milan, 28 February 1942. An internationally famous photographer, perhaps, among the Italians, the most famous and quoted. “News reports are too easy, where you find slaughters, blood, the dead, take pictures everywhere, make a layour and you’re done”. His photos are on display …

The 5 best barber shops in Europe

Prices and plus of La Shaperie, Sam's Barbers, Bullfrog, Dreist and Barber Rules

FRANCE // La Shaperie Paris Not just a barber, but also optical and headwear. They have four salons in Paris, one of which is decorated by the street artist Chanoir. Masters in hair cutting, their dry cut for men costs 30 euros, with a traditional …

HAIR TREND // Grammy 2018

From Lady Gaga's tied back to Katie Holmes' super-short: Grammy's best 5 hairlook

The 60th edition of the Grammy Awards, the Oscars of the music world, held at Madison Square Garden in New York, was dominated by Bruno Mars who won the most important awards (Best Singer and Best Album), with Kendrick Lamar and Ed Sheeran winning in …


Paris Fashion Week MAN + COUTURE Fall/Winter 2018

Paris Fashion Week, the best hair fashion trend for Fall/Winter 2018… Among the hairstyles seen in the last few days, the is represented by the diagonally parted hair by Iris. “Otherwise,majority of supersleek wet look, few deconstructed soft shapes and few ‘bob’, geometrically ruffled or with …

HAIR TREND // Milano Moda Uomo F/W 2018/19

Breaking news: men's hair are getting longer, estabilished by the Fall/Winter 2018 catwalk shows

In an era of co-ed catwalks (where men and women walk together), the concept of gender neutrality is getting stronger, so much that last week’s Pitti Immagine Uomo dedicated a whole section to it (OPEN: Beyond Genders). Milano Collezioni highlights another important trend: men’s hair …

7 hallucinogen recipes

In the picture, foie gras and hash jus

Chef Dominique Persoone, master chocolatier at The Chocolate Line in Bruges, has found a way to make chocolate that you can snort. Created for a party with the Rolling Stones, the Chocolate Shooter releases a flood of endorphins in the brain. Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez …

The most beautiful nursery school in Italy (and perhaps in the world)

A public structure rebuilt after the earthquake in Emilia: in Italy, when we want to be, we’re the best in the world

When it comes to schools and education, especially in the 0-3 age group, pedagogy and psychology aren’t the only subjects involved. In Emilia they have always known this (it is no coincidence that the Reggio Children model has become an internationally recognised benchmark of excellence) …

HAIR TREND // Golden Globe 2018

Three best hair looks: Claire Foy, Jessica Biel and Millie Bobby Brown with commentary and secrets for creating them

The 75th Golden Globes, an edition characterized by black worn by all the present actresses, as a sign of support to the global anti-harassment cause and to the #MeToo movement, and with a strong emphasis on female empowerment that reached its climax in Oprah Winfrey’s …

The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Ricky Martin in tight-fitting briefs, Penelope Cruz playing Donatella, Édgar Ramírez in the role of Gianni: the magnificent posters of the main characters

Among the most awaited series of 2018, from the first posters and images published, you can immediately envisage how American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace reconstructs, to the last detail, the story of the death of the great designer. A mix of glamour, …

The trendiest granny in the world

As a joke, her nephews made her a profile three years ago. Today she has 3 million Instagram followers and writes “stealing your man since 1928”

On the 18th of July she will turn 90, and in one of her latest posts, published on her instagram profile with 3.3 million followers, she appears on Brazilian beaches while she touches her backside with male gymnasts drinking coconut milk. Baddie Winkle first appeared …

An ode to Gabber subculture

Se uscire in tuta e Air Max è diventato trendy dovete ringraziare una crew di ragazzi di Rotterdam che dagli anni ’90 ballano techno

It started in the early ’90s in Rotterdam, Holland, from a mixture of Feyenoord fans and suburban kids who started to  mix for dancing and hardcore music (powerful and rapid techno which goes from 160 to 200 bpm and more) and to contrast with their …

The 10 most expensive haircuts in the world in 2017

It’s “only” 600 dollars for the “Rachel” haircut by Chris McMillan (while Stuart Phillips asks for 9,000 and is not even the most expensive…)

The cost of a men’s haircut around the world ranges from 3.10 dollars in New Delhi to 62 in Zurich (according to Business Insider), but there are special salons where a single cut can reach the very highest figures. 1. Chris McMillan, 600 dollars. The famous …

The oldest barber in Italy

Today he turns 83, and every day since 1952, at 8a.m Signor Sergio opens his salon in Brescello: 5 euros for beards, 12 for haircuts

“He has never taken a holiday”, Riccardo Bruno, journalist with Corriere della Sera tells us (full article here). Sergio Bianchi Ballano, who turns 83 today, has been a barber since 1944: “For 73 years, I was ten years old when I started as an apprentice. …

This month’s haircut / DECEMBER 2017

From Star Wars, Laura Dern / Hondo vice admiral, "Wonderful mix of soft waves with a purple pastel colour shaded in light grey" (Mauro Galzignato)

On December 3rd, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the eighth and penultimate episode in the most enduring and successful saga in cinematic history, was released in Italy (2 days before its release in the USA). Set in an imaginary galaxy, during an unspecified era, from …

50 years since the birth of Kurt Cobain

What remains of grunge: the photographic exhibition "Kurt Cobain 50" opens today in Bologna

The 5th February will be the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Kurt Cobain (Aberdeen, 20th February 1967 – Seattle, 5th April 1994). The exhibition by Ono Arte Contemporanea in Bologna that opens from today, 13th December until 31st January 2018, comprises magnificent photos by …

An hair salon straight from the 80’s

In Lubiana, a jewel of 80's design is today's must to go for an hair restyling

The two-dimensional graphics, coloured and printed on vinyl, betray the graphic design origins of the two project designers from the Kitsch Nitsch studio, however, they characterise the look of the YMS salon in Ljubljana in a truely original way. The Slovenian Mič Styling hairdressing chain …

HAIR TREND // Fashion Awards 2017

Italian Super Triplette: awarded by the British Fashion Council Donatella Versace, Marco Bizzarri (Gucci) and Maria Grazia Chiuri (Dior)

One of the most glamorous events of the year, the British Fashion Council’s Fashion award 2017 was held last December 4th at the Royal Albert Hall in London, celebrating and rewarding the most influential figures of the 2017 fashion scene: among others Donatella Versace, with …

“Nostalgia” for Pompeii

Madre Musuem’s great exhibition: for the first time, the ancient city’s exhibitions shown along with the work of great 20th century artists

A dialogue between past and present, artisans and artists, raw and processed materials, ancient and modern art, which creates an incredible, unprecedented mixture and makes the exhibition Pompei @ Madre. Materia Archeologica among the most interesting exhibits worldwide this Winter. Inaugurated on November 18th at …

Levante’s “fake bob”

An easy way to change your look without going under the hairdresser's scissors

30 years old, from Caltagirone (Catania) although she grew up in Turin, where she moved with her mother after the death of her father. Musician and singer (latest album, Nel caos di stanze stupefacenti 2017), her first novel came out in January, If I cannot …

Victoria’s Secret Show 2017

55 models on the Catwalk in Shanghai and a $ 2 million Fantasy Bra

The fairy-tale that Victoria’s Secrets has built for 22 years with her end of year show, was held this year in Shanghai, China (a country which would not allow Gigi Hadid and Katy Perry to take part for “political reasons”). Sumptuous scenes, perfect direction, opulence, …

ON HAIR // All the hair looks

17 hair fashion ideas live from the On Hair stage by Cosmoprof

19 November 2017, live from Bologna Fiere, the hair look gallery introduced by The Italian Touch Hair Team for the Extra-Ordinary Karl Show, inspired by the polyhedral genius Karl Lagerfeld: “The hairdresser of the future, an all-round genious. Here we have a stylist with a …

The Poor People’s Barber

Is a haircut and a shave enough to give confidence to those who have nothing? Yes

“We’re not raising awareness; we’re raising compassion”, Joshua Coombes describes what he has been doing for a few years with his organisation: spreading awareness that we are able to make a difference with our compassion, the ability to identify with other people’s feelings and take …

A portrait of Karl Lagerfeld

On Sunday our Hair Team returns, and yes, the entire show will be a tribute to King Karl. From 12:30 on OnHair Bologna and live here on facebook

84 years old, son of a family of Hamburg bankers, creative director of Fendi (in 1965, he invented the logo with the two F’s, from the slogan for ‘Fun Fur’) and Chanel (since 1983, catalogue photos and advertising).  He has own unique style: always wearing …

Three cuts by Trevor Sorbie

“The Wedge”, “The Scrunch” e “The Chop” commentati da Mauro Galzignato

He is one of the hairstylists who has left an indelible mark on the industry, with a career which he started at just 15 years old, and still largely influences the world of hair today. Trevor Sorbie is recognised for having three excellent signature looks, …

How hippies live today

The biggest hippie rally in the world pictured by Denis Vejas...

It’s called the Rainbow Gathering and was formed in 1972 to bring together a temporary community who want to live in touch  with nature and the wild, away from consumerism and celebrating love and peace. A kind of rally for hippies, it lasts for a …

HAIR TREND // Rome Film Festival 2017

Asymmetry, plaits and wet look on the red carpet: take a look at the gallery

The latest film festival has arrived, and perhaps merely to reduce competition with more high profile competitors, its founders have decided to turn it into a party: the Festa del Cinema di Roma, born in 2006, has a slightly less glossy appearance than other international …

This month’s haircut / NOVEMBER 2017

Thirteen, Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things in L'Officiel cover: beautiful and talented, is it right to treat her as an adult?

From Gender Fluid to Age Fluid, there continues to be less distinction between genders and ages in the fashion world. And so we see 13 year old Millie Booby Brown, “11” in the TV series Stranger Things, on the cover of the November issue of …


Fall/Winter 2018: hairstyling, art, lifestyle

An edition dedicated to the Autumn / Winter 2018 fashion trends and lifestyle. YOUR TOUCH # 22 presents hair stylists Diego Padula and Marco Pennino’s creations, organised by Mauro Galzignato, in which they present their versions of the Attitude and Dusk moods, presented by Kemon …

Out tomorrow Adidas Capsule Collection / Alexander Wang

A mix of city biker and rave culture style: amazing three-stripes long raincoat

We’re in the second year of the collaboration; after its incredible success in 2016, Alexander Wang returns to redesign a line for Adidas Originals inspired by rave culture and cycling looks. Softer looks and warmer fabrics are suitable for the evenings, still in fluorescent yellow, …

Olaf Hajek’s fantastic hairstyles

Dream and be inspired by these explosions of colours, accessories and flowers

A wonderful blend of flowers and accessories which travel through time and cultures, Olaf Hajek’s illustrations and hairstyles are a blend of folklore, mythology, religion, history and geography. The German artist’s fervent imagination unites human and natural elements to explore the duo of imagination/reality within …

El Dia de los muertos

In Mexico, Halloween is a crazy party full of flowers, skeletons and colours: take a look at the gallery

The days between the end of October and beginning of November are devoted to celebrating those who have passed away in many cultures of the world, however, none of them have quite such a festive air as in the Mexican Dia de los muertos. Of …

Under, a restaurant on the sea bed

The first in Europe, yet another miracle bearing starchitect Snohetta’s signature

It is called ‘Under’: in English, and ‘wonder’ in Norwegian.  Pure wonder really is what this first undersea restaurant in Europe evokes, designed by the Snøhetta starchitects (architecture studio, along with other creators, also belonging to the splendid Lascaux Museum which we mentioned here). A …

70 is the new 40

Times are ripe: Vogue dedicates all its magazine, including the cover, to women over 60

It’s called The Timeless Issue: for the first time, the whole issue of Vogue is dedicated to women that have celebrated their 60th birthday (in many cases even their 70th). From the cover and the main feature that portrays 74 year old Lauren Hutton in …

Sisley’s new genderless campaign

Would you ever said that there's a woman on the left and a man on the right?

“Beauty has no gender, style has no rules.” “Beyond convention, there is a world of beauty to discover.” “Defeat stereotypes, escape from the norm, live according to your own rules.” These are some of the slogans for the new Sisley Autumn/Winter campaign featuring Rain Dove …

This month’s haircut / OCTOBER 2017

Shameless, punk, never bland, beautiful: Asia Argento pictured in the new book by Jacopo Benassi

Jacopo Benassi è il suo fotografo preferito, e come sua musa ha realizzato con lui il libro Paris is in Asia, appena pubblicato dall’editore veneziano Bruno e stampato da Inuit. Una serie di immagini in bianco e nero scattate a Parigi con l’intento di mostrare …

The Adidas shoes made out of waste from the sea

Made from plastics that have been retrieved off the coast of the Maldives, they cost 200 euros and will be on sale within a month

Their underlying principle is summed up by the acronym A.I.R.: avoid, intercept and redesign. They are the visionary concept of Parley for the Oceans, led by the German designer, Cyrill Gutsch, who decided to save the oceans by transforming plastic from sea waste into brand-name …

HAIR SHOW // Extra-Ordinary Karl

On Hair Autumn Edition // Bologna Fiere, 2017 November 19th h. 12.15

The hairdresser of the future, an all-round genious. Here we have a stylist with a cultural background and creative intelligence which can adapt to many different styles and tastes depending on each individual customer. “As with so many of Karl Lagerfeld’s ingenious forms of creativity, …

Leaves of interwoven hair

"Here we are in autumn"... Leaves and hair are falling this time of the year: see the beautiful hair sculptures by Jenine Shereos...

The idea has come from the Victorian practice of plaiting hair into bracelets, necklaces and rings to commemorate the deceased. Conversely, the modern idea came to American artist Jenine Shereos, after seeing maple leaves with only the veins remaining. Thus, her Leaf Series was born: …

LOUIS VUITTON // Spring-Summer 2018

Everybody is stalking about them: do you like the new Vuitton’s sneakers?

In the depths of the Louvre, in the Crypt of the Sphinx in the Sully Wing, Nicolas Ghesquière redefined the concept of contamination with his triumphant conclusion to Paris Fashion Week. The Vuitton Spring-Summer 2018 collection showed 80s running shorts under rococo style jackets – …

*TREND ALERT // Chanel Spring-Summer 2018

Karl Lagerfeld's last brightest idea: if raining, transparent hats and exposed hairstyles

In a wonderfully natural setting, with the Grand Palais transformed into a tropical Eden, between canyons and waterfalls, the catwalk is a wooden jetty set over a flowing river. Here Karl Lagerfeld shows us the Chanel Summer 2016 woman: the modern, experimental, urban explorer, surprising …

This month’s haircut / SEPTEMBER 2017

Nerd goggles, cotonated hair and 80s tufts: the Gucci's "Rave Couture" style for the next Spring / Summer

Defined as “Rave couture”, “Act of resistance to homologation”, “Globe of pure creativity that is not inspired by anything but recreates”, Hypnotism, the latest Gucci Spring/Summer collection by Alessandro Michele mainly re-elaborates the 70s and 80s with a touch of genius. Some of the many …

GUCCI Spring/Summer 2018

Hyperbolic hair styling with extreme volume and 70's locks along with shaved heads negotiating femininity in hairdos: see the gallery

LOCATION // The Hypnotism collection walks inside the Gucci Hub, the fashion house’s Milanese headquarters, dressed with marble and statues that are reminiscent of Rome. The show is in fact opened by a short film on the Eternal City that pays homage to C’était un …

HAIR TREND // Emmy Award 2017

Last summer look inklings: Robin Wright's deconstructed waves, Millie Bobby Brown's central gathered and Lea Michele's shine and wet

The Oscars of world TV last night saw one of their most ‘political’ editions to date. On the stage of the Microsoft Theatre in Hollywood against a neo-conservative political context that has called into question some of the civil rights of women and minorities, the …

World’s most colourful salon

A triumph of colour, from the salon itself to the hairstyling, see the incredible looks by Tuttii Fruittii London

“Tuttii Fruittii LONDON The LadyBoi KLOWN Hairsculptors” is probably the most colourful place to have an haircut. Run by Tuttii the hairstylist and her partner Toni, the salon is intended to be a gathering point for anybody who want to freely express their personality through …

Tiny is chic

From maxi to mini, sobriety conquers the world of tattoos. So discreet you'll have to look for it: see the new trend

Large tattoos are quickly going out of fashion, being replaced by the new and much more understated fashion for minimal tattoos. SUBJECTS // Tiny stars and hearts are top of the list, but also initials or small designs like those seen predominantly on the wrists, …

Unseen beautiful afro braids

African braiding apotheosis in "Chroma: an Ode to J.D. Okhai Ojeikere"

Braiding is a centuries old technique which never got out of fashion. Dozens of braiding styles and colourful hairbands to get a brand new look, it’s just as easy as it seems. Definitely more complex, what Californian photographer Medina Dugger depicts in her project “Chroma: …

HAIR TREND // Venice Film Festival 2017

The triumph of the “over” 70s: Susan Sarandon, Judi Dench and Helen Mirren embody the beauty of older women

The red carpet of the 74th Venice International Film Festival is, as always, a platform for new trends and exposure for labels and celebrities. Among the beautiful women who make the most of this opportunity to flaunt classic eveningwear, with half-up half-down hairdos or more …

This month’s haircut / August 2017

It is the first time a man is “godmother” at the Venice Film Festival: Alessandro Borghi new look

Every year, beautiful actresses or models have been very “decorative” godmothers to the Venice Film Festival. The godmother’s arrival on speedboat is expected, the bare-foot photocall on the sea-shore and every evening the looks on the red carpet are scrutinised. The Venice Biennale, that organises …

[coming soon] THE ITALIAN TOUCH #22

The new issue presents the Kemon 2017/2018 Autumn/Winter Hair Fashion Collection

Photographed entirely in London with the focus on the two areas chosen for the shoots: Shoreditch and Camden, Bond and Oxford Street. Innovative and multi-ethnic London is presented alongside the more glamorous and fashionable side of the city, providing inspiration to keep you up-to-date with …

Sculture di capelli

How to soften the power of Afro curls: Laetitia Ky’s hair styles

She was five years old when she began to love plaits and hair styles that Afro-Caribbean women have always used to “tame” their rebel hair. As a grown-up, she has become a web star by making ironical hairdos with her hair. Laetitia Ky, from the …

HairStyling Power [by iPhone 7]

Apple tribute to hairstylists: Watch the spot set in a "family" barber shop to advertise #iPhone7 new portrait function...

The importance of changing look and keeping track of it with nice pictures: it’s Apple new spot liet-motiv for iPhone 7 portrait function. Set in a “family” barber shop (such as plenty of women are also having an haircut), with Fantastic Man by William Onyeabor …

This month’s haircut / JULY 2017

Cara Delevingne's always surprising look: "How to revive the '90s with style and class"

Cara Delevingne once again. Already cut of the month in April (here) and the undisputed diva of the Met Gala in May (here), “by now we know to expect the unexpected from her”, explains Mauro Galzignato, Artistic Director of The Italian Touch collections. “Chameleon-like and …

The perfect beard is the 5 days stubble

A Queensland University proves it according to The New York Times

Whilst an article on Vice settled the statement “beards aren’t cool anymore”, a massive amount of men is still wearing a beard with pride and beard-related products are a still a growing market. Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia decided to scientifically test …

Cholombians: the bad hair subculture

Monterrey's Cholombians worship for horrible hairstyling: look at the gallery

Rat tails, sideburns hair glued to the chicks, emo fringes, shaved patches on the back of the head: some of the features that urban subculture of young Mexicans, mostly from Monterrey, called “Cholombians” meticulously appeal. With such extreme hairdos you can’t be unnoticed, though, they …

The longest haired women in the world

They live in a southern china village: more than 2 meters long (with not even one grey hair), they wash with nothing else than fermented rice water for all the lifetime

Worth to take place in the Guinness world book of records as the “world’s longest hair village”, Huangluo is located in southern China’s Guangxi province. Women here, by tradition, cut their hair only once in their life when reaching the 18th birthday and by wearing …

*TREND ALERT // Jewellery for your face

Joanne Tan facial ornaments: a new way to champion natural beauty

Fashion, makeup and accessories have always been designed to minimise or hide our ‘imperfections’, and this concept of beauty seems to have accompanied women forever. Malaysian designer Joanne Tan, a graduate of the prestigious Central Saint Martins, decided instead to create a line of jewellery …

VUITTON & KOONS // An “art piece collection”

#NOTJUSTFASHION // A fascinating trip in Leonardo, Tiziano, Rubens, Fragonard and Van Gogh masterpieces

Fashion is volatile and ephemeral by definition, and even more so recently, where seasons have multiplied and capsule collections have become the norm, keeping the market alive throughout the year. This is the opposite of classical art: meant to be in a museum, bringing beauty …

The salon without mirrors

Instead of mirrors, there are works of art on the walls. Designed by architect Jim Stephenson, and based in London, it is called DKUK

5 by 2 metres: only 10 square metres for both a hairdressing salon and an art gallery, which is already very unique. But Daniel Kelly, a hairdresser and artist, wanted more for DKUK, his unisex salon, and entrusted the design to Sam Jacob Studio, who …

HAIR TREND // Paris Man Fashion SS2018

Two main trends: Valentino with a Millenial’s style, “very low parting and loads of gel/pomade”, and an Hawaiian Paul Smith with “big fringes and a messy styling”

Paris reconfirms the current catwalk trend, mixing masculine, feminine and unisex clothing. From a hair styling perspective, two macro-trends clearly emerged: “Valentino showcases the extremely neat man, with medium-length hair, extreme side partings and a significant amount of gel/pomade to project a super-sleek look”, comments …

STREET STYLE // Glastonbury 2017 gallery

Boots and biers, butterflies and braids: don’t miss the gallery of the craziest European festival

Radiohead, Katy Perry, Lorde, Ed Sheeran e Foo Fighters: some of the biggest live acts. Definitely the most important festival in Europe concerning music and also trend, only second to Coachella in California, Glastonbury 2017 is a massive inspiration for outfits and looks. From 1970, …

This month’s haircut / JUNE 2017

Ode to Beyoncé, splendid neo-mother of two twins: “When relax becomes glamour: tight little plaits that once undone create a small beach wave effect”

Straight, curly, afro, blond, dark or plaited: Beyoncé has always used her hair like a costume, an accessory through which to emphasise her look, send a message or highlight a moment. Like this very special one, because after the very mediatic announcement and pregnancy, it …

HAIR TREND // Milano Moda Uomo SS2018

[Best of] Two trend masters at the opposite: Ermenegildo Zegna grown-up-a-like, and a crazy Marcelo Burlon with shaved boxer style hip-hop braids

Today is the closing day of the Milan Men’s Fashion Week, which, on increasingly unisex runways, presented the offerings for Spring Summer 2018. Many trends and suggestions and two prompts above all with regards to hair fashion. Ermenegildo Zegna presents a very soft and easy …

HAIR TREND // CFDA Awards 2017 [best of]

The Hadid sisters über alles: Gigi and her beach waves, Bella with an interesting, never seen before fringe

The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards is a special event which recognises and celebrates excellence in the American world of fashion. The latest edition saw Raf Simons taking home the two most prestigious awards, Menswear and Womenswear Designer of the Year. There …

The thousand-year-old history of tattooing in Italy

An exhibition in Bologna showcases the history of tattoos in Italy, covering the Copper Era, Ancient Rome, the 1300 Adriatic sailor age and 1800s Turin prostitutes...

Where do tattoos come from? Some say they are from the Pacific Islands, brought to Europe by Thomas Cook in the eighteenth century. Others state they came from 1960s USA and the cultural revolution. But tattoos never really ‘arrived’, because they had always existed in …

Hirst in Venice

The monumental exhibition by the great English artist

Damien Hirst is amongst those modern artists who have been most talked about and divided opinion. Loved or hated, praised as a genius or derided as a clever entrepreneur able to sell anything at astronomical prices, Hirst’s works revolve around the concepts of life, death …

IMMORTALS // The Pink Floyd Story

The exhibition of the year at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) in London

Instruments, artwork, archival photos and bespoke installations, material from early concerts and complex stage designs: Their Mortal Remains is a complete Pink Floyd retrospective that promises to surprise fans and enthusiasts for years to come. Organised, as you would expect, by the Victoria and Albert …

GUCCI // Cruise 2018 Hair&Style

"I've never seen such a plenty of hair fashion accessories all at once" (Mauro Galzignato)

LOCATION // Galleria Palatina, Palazzo Pitti, Florence. After the ‘No’ received by the managers of the Athenian Parthenon, Gucci presents its Cruise 2018 in the splendid museum, among works from the 16th and 17th century, and a sound-track from the period played live on the …

This month’s haircut / MAY 2017

Tilda Swinton’s blond undercut on the Cannes red carpet

Katherine Mathilda, aka “Tilda”, Swinton, 56 years old, British actress. Daughter of a Scots Guard general, a degree in Political Sciences at Cambridge. Oscar as actress in a supporting role in the film Michael Clayton in 2007, Coppa Volpi as best actress at the Venice …

The modern hippie

There are those, like Coachella or H&M, who fine their fashion inspiration in the hippie movement, and then there are those who find freedom

Carlo Bevilacqua travelled around the world for five years in search of communities of people who had chosen to abandon the comforts (and also the stress) of modern society. His magnificent photo essays have been put together in a book, UTOPIA, which has been at …

VUITTON // Cruise 2018 Hair&Style

The only thing that’s normal here is the hair: location, soundtrack, looks and make-up are all a work of genius

LOCATION It would be diminishing to describe it as the Louvre of the East. The Miho Museum in Kyoto, designed by Ieoh Ming Pei in 1997, is an astounding feat of architecture: its glass roofing evokes the French museum, but you reach it via a …

CHANEL // Cruise 2018 Hair&Style

Ancient Greece, the origin of beauty and culture

“The modernity of antiquity” is Karl Lagerfeld’s imaginary voyage in his idea of ancient Greece for the 2018 Cruise Chanel, with warm Mediterranean lights, the sea in the background, and a reconstruction of the Temple of Poseidon in the Grand Palais. The great classics of …

HAIR TREND // Met Gala 2017

Three stunning looks: Cara Delavigne’s poster paint with glitters, Kate Hudson’s high bun, and Zendaya’s maxi voluminous afro style

Every year, the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum in New York dedicates an exhibition to a designer who has left an indelible mark in the history of fashion. This year the exhibition celebrates Rei Kawakubo, the soul behind Comme des Garçons, a visionary Japanese …

The first heat-sensitive hair dye

Developed by a London design studio, it changes colour based on temperature and mood fluctuations: provocation or reality?

Scientific discoveries and the ensuing technology developments have often been applied to environments that have less to do with science and more with fashion and design. One of the most recent trends involves heat-sensitive inks and pigments. These chemically modified molecules can change colour depending …