“Black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony” (Coco Chanel)

This is a special annual edition that describes and proffers up inspiration for special moments and moods.
The Italian Touch / White Edition is the story, in 64 pages, of modern style, elegance, and couture fashion. In hairstyling, as in fashion and culture, the inspiration we offer draws and reflects upon the most important events in our lives. Alessia Solidani’s hair fashion collections are found between reports on trends and art: the centuries-old history of Swarovski, the fabrics of the most beautiful clothes of the past 50 years, the tradition of superior craftsmanship and Italian design, and an interview with the most important flower designer in the world.

White is not, however, just a luxury magazine, because just as elegance is not dependent on money but is, instead, the antithesis of vulgarity and slovenliness, luxury is not just about cost, value or the rarity of something, but is the freedom to choose and decide upon which world to live in. Even more importantly, during ceremonies and important moments in life, as Coco Chanel was wont to say: “Style must reach the streets and daily life, otherwise it’s just fashion. And while fashion passes, style remains”. We try to explain this concept in this new publication.

HairStyling Power [by iPhone 7]

Apple tribute to hairstylists: Watch the spot set in a "family" barber shop to advertise #iPhone7 new portrait function...

L’importanza di un cambio look e di foto belle che lo documentino: è il liet-motiv del nuovo spot Apple per pubblicizzare la funzione ritratti di iPhone 7. Girato interamente all’interno di un “family” barber shop (tanto che ci sono anche diverse donne che si fanno …

This month’s haircut / JULY 2017

Cara Delevingne's always surprising look: "How to revive the '90s with style and class"

Ancora lei, Cara Delevingne. Già taglio del mese di Aprile (qui) e diva indiscussa ai Met Gala di maggio (qui), “oramai ci siamo abituati ad aspettarci di tutto da lei – spiega Mauro Galzignato, Direttore artistico Collezioni The Italian Touch -. Camaleontica e versatile, non …

The perfect beard is the 5 days stubble

A Queensland University proves it according to The New York Times

Whilst an article on Vice settled the statement “beards aren’t cool anymore”, a massive amount of men is still wearing a beard with pride and beard-related products are a still a growing market. Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia decided to scientifically test …

Cholombians: the bad hair subculture

Monterrey's Cholombians worship for horrible hairstyling: look at the gallery

Rat tails, sideburns hair glued to the chicks, emo fringes, shaved patches on the back of the head: some of the features that urban subculture of young Mexicans, mostly from Monterrey, called “Cholombians” meticulously appeal. With such extreme hairdos you can’t be unnoticed, though, they …

The longest haired women in the world

They live in a southern china village: more than 2 meters long (with not even one grey hair), they wash with nothing else than fermented rice water for all the lifetime

Worth to take place in the Guinness world book of records as the “world’s longest hair village”, Huangluo is located in southern China’s Guangxi province. Women here, by tradition, cut their hair only once in their life when reaching the 18th birthday and by wearing …

*TREND ALERT // Jewellery for your face

Joanna Tan facial ornaments: a new way to champion natural beauty

Fashion, makeup and accessories have always been designed to minimise or hide our ‘imperfections’, and this concept of beauty seems to have accompanied women forever. Malaysian designer Joanna Tan, a graduate of the prestigious Central Saint Martins, decided instead to create a line of jewellery …

VUITTON & KOONS // An “art piece collection”

#NOTJUSTFASHION // A fascinating trip in Leonardo, Tiziano, Rubens, Fragonard and Van Gogh masterpieces

Fashion is volatile and ephemeral by definition, and even more so recently, where seasons have multiplied and capsule collections have become the norm, keeping the market alive throughout the year. This is the opposite of classical art: meant to be in a museum, bringing beauty …

The salon without mirrors

Instead of mirrors, there are works of art on the walls. Designed by architect Jim Stephenson, and based in London, it is called DKUK

5 by 2 metres: only 10 square metres for both a hairdressing salon and an art gallery, which is already very unique. But Daniel Kelly, a hairdresser and artist, wanted more for DKUK, his unisex salon, and entrusted the design to Sam Jacob Studio, who …

HAIR TREND // Paris Man Fashion SS2018

Two main trends: Valentino with a Millenial’s style, “very low parting and loads of gel/pomade”, and an Hawaiian Paul Smith with “big fringes and a messy styling”

Paris reconfirms the current catwalk trend, mixing masculine, feminine and unisex clothing. From a hair styling perspective, two macro-trends clearly emerged: “Valentino showcases the extremely neat man, with medium-length hair, extreme side partings and a significant amount of gel/pomade to project a super-sleek look”, comments …

STREET STYLE // Glastonbury 2017 gallery

Boots and biers, butterflies and braids: don’t miss the gallery of the craziest European festival

Radiohead, Katy Perry, Lorde, Ed Sheeran e Foo Fighters: some of the biggest live acts. Definitely the most important festival in Europe concerning music and also trend, only second to Coachella in California, Glastonbury 2017 is a massive inspiration for outfits and looks. From 1970, …

This month’s haircut / JUNE 2017

Ode to Beyoncé, splendid neo-mother of two twins: “When relax becomes glamour: tight little plaits that once undone create a small beach wave effect”

Straight, curly, afro, blond, dark or plaited: Beyoncé has always used her hair like a costume, an accessory through which to emphasise her look, send a message or highlight a moment. Like this very special one, because after the very mediatic announcement and pregnancy, it …

HAIR TREND // Milano Moda Uomo SS2018

[Best of] Two trend masters at the opposite: Ermenegildo Zegna grown-up-a-like, and a crazy Marcelo Burlon with shaved boxer style hip-hop braids

Today is the closing day of the Milan Men’s Fashion Week, which, on increasingly unisex runways, presented the offerings for Spring Summer 2018. Many trends and suggestions and two prompts above all with regards to hair fashion. Ermenegildo Zegna presents a very soft and easy …

HAIR TREND // CFDA Awards 2017 [best of]

The Hadid sisters über alles: Gigi and her beach waves, Bella with an interesting, never seen before fringe

The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards is a special event which recognises and celebrates excellence in the American world of fashion. The latest edition saw Raf Simons taking home the two most prestigious awards, Menswear and Womenswear Designer of the Year. There …

Hirst in Venice

The monumental exhibition by the great English artist

Damien Hirst is amongst those modern artists who have been most talked about and divided opinion. Loved or hated, praised as a genius or derided as a clever entrepreneur able to sell anything at astronomical prices, Hirst’s works revolve around the concepts of life, death …

IMMORTALS // The Pink Floyd Story

The exhibition of the year at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) in London

Instruments, artwork, archival photos and bespoke installations, material from early concerts and complex stage designs: Their Mortal Remains is a complete Pink Floyd retrospective that promises to surprise fans and enthusiasts for years to come. Organised, as you would expect, by the Victoria and Albert …

GUCCI // Cruise 2018 Hair&Style

"I've never seen such a plenty of hair fashion accessories all at once" (Mauro Galzignato)

LOCATION // Galleria Palatina, Palazzo Pitti, Florence. After the ‘No’ received by the managers of the Athenian Parthenon, Gucci presents its Cruise 2018 in the splendid museum, among works from the 16th and 17th century, and a sound-track from the period played live on the …

This month’s haircut / MAY 2017

Tilda Swinton’s blond undercut on the Cannes red carpet

Katherine Mathilda, aka “Tilda”, Swinton, 56 years old, British actress. Daughter of a Scots Guard general, a degree in Political Sciences at Cambridge. Oscar as actress in a supporting role in the film Michael Clayton in 2007, Coppa Volpi as best actress at the Venice …

The modern hippie

There are those, like Coachella or H&M, who fine their fashion inspiration in the hippie movement, and then there are those who find freedom

Carlo Bevilacqua travelled around the world for five years in search of communities of people who had chosen to abandon the comforts (and also the stress) of modern society. His magnificent photo essays have been put together in a book, UTOPIA, which has been at …

VUITTON // Cruise 2018 Hair&Style

The only thing that’s normal here is the hair: location, soundtrack, looks and make-up are all a work of genius

LOCATION It would be diminishing to describe it as the Louvre of the East. The Miho Museum in Kyoto, designed by Ieoh Ming Pei in 1997, is an astounding feat of architecture: its glass roofing evokes the French museum, but you reach it via a …

CHANEL // Cruise 2018 Hair&Style

Ancient Greece, the origin of beauty and culture

“The modernity of antiquity” is Karl Lagerfeld’s imaginary voyage in his idea of ancient Greece for the 2018 Cruise Chanel, with warm Mediterranean lights, the sea in the background, and a reconstruction of the Temple of Poseidon in the Grand Palais. The great classics of …

HAIR TREND // Met Gala 2017

Three stunning looks: Cara Delavigne’s poster paint with glitters, Kate Hudson’s high bun, and Zendaya’s maxi voluminous afro style

Every year, the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum in New York dedicates an exhibition to a designer who has left an indelible mark in the history of fashion. This year the exhibition celebrates Rei Kawakubo, the soul behind Comme des Garçons, a visionary Japanese …

The first heat-sensitive hair dye

Developed by a London design studio, it changes colour based on temperature and mood fluctuations: provocation or reality?

Scientific discoveries and the ensuing technology developments have often been applied to environments that have less to do with science and more with fashion and design. One of the most recent trends involves heat-sensitive inks and pigments. These chemically modified molecules can change colour depending …

This month’s haircut 2 / APRIL 2017

Cara Delevingne showing off her supershort "The Chop" in "Gricine" tone (see her bald-shaved now)

An undisputed British icon all over the world, if you added together her followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook they would add up to the entire population of Belgium. Her beauty is unconventional – Cara Delevingne has legs that go on forever and thick, arching …

HAIR TREND // Coachella 2017 [week 1]

The first weekend's report: "Not only hippie chic styles. This year's keyword is contamination" (Mauro Galzignato)

The most noteworthy musical act was Lady Gaga who, for once, decided not to surprise with her eccentric look and quirks, wigs and disguises, and just let her music speak for itself. Her set was truly exceptional and included a previously unperformed single, The Cure. …

Whose Hair

How well does a hair style describe who you are?

      She is an English artist and illustrator, her name is Christina Christoforou, and she works in London and Istanbul. She began to portray the hairstyles of famous people commissioned by the New York Times and, with the passage of time, a book …

Get ready for Coachella

TREND ALERT // The world's biggest rock festival begins tomorrow, discover this summer biggest trends in what has become a fashion-week for alternatives

The biggest stars on stage will be Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar and Lady Gaga (replacing Beyoncé, temporarily busy with her twin pregnancy), plus the usual parade of renowned international names. These are just some of the reasons why the two Coachella 2017 weekends are an absolute …

Kendrick Lamar’s ode to natural beauty

If even the American rapper, in his latest video, rails against Photoshop, praising stretchmarks, spots and ingrown hairs...

If even one of the most famous and powerful America rappers, sings: “I’m so fuckin’ sick and tired of the Photoshop, show me somethin’ natural like afro on Richard Pryor, show me somethin’ natural like ass with some stretchmarks”, then it’s really time to pause …

The thousand-year-old history of tattooing in Italy

An exhibition in Bologna showcases the history of tattoos in Italy, covering the Copper Era, Ancient Rome, the 1300 Adriatic sailor age and 1800s Turin prostitutes...

Where do tattoos come from? Some say they are from the Pacific Islands, brought to Europe by Thomas Cook in the eighteenth century. Others state they came from 1960s USA and the cultural revolution. But tattoos never really ‘arrived’, because they had always existed in …

This month’s haircut / MARCH 2017

A rock ‘n’ chic Kristen Stewart sporting a “super-short, sculpted blonde haircut with a touch of rose gold: tremendously fashionable!”

She started with a long, dark mane that was her signature over the years of the Twilight saga’s incredible success. Since then, Kristen Stewart has shown just how much she loves to play with style and colour: we saw her try different lengths and go …

LUX HAIR OBESSION at Cosmoprof 2017

Mauro Galzignato and The Italian Touch team's show in Bologna, Sunday March 19th

Cosmoprof Bologna, domenica 19 marzo alle 13:00. Presso l’On Hair Theatre, tensostruttura da 800 posti e a ingresso gratuito, si svolgerà il prossimo show diretto da Mauro Galzignato, in pedana con l’Hair team The Italian Touch. Durata circa 45 minuti, lo spettacolo presenterà 12 modelle …

[best of] Parigi Fashion Week // 4 HAIR LOOK

The four most interesting beauty tips chosen by Mauro Galzignato and The Italian Touch hair team

Here are the four most interesting beauty tips chosen by Mauro Galzignato and The Italian Touch hair team, inspired by Paris’ final Autumn/Winter 2017/18 fashion week. “First and foremost is the Balmain hairstyle, showcased by Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner, an ultra-clean ponytail, dead-straight and …

PARIS FASHION WEEK // Chanel vs. Vuitton

Looks, accessories and hair: we compare the two biggest fashion brands that walked the catwalk yesterday

Location CHANEL // Grand Palais in Paris. An approximately life-size rocket that will take off after the classic countdown, emitting sparks and smoke clouds, accompanied by Rocket Man by Elton John. VUITTON // Sunset, Cour Marly, Louvre Museum. Includes marble staircases and five-tier statues… Atmosphere …

The Beyoncé Phenomenon

Matriarch, African icon, contemporary goddess of fertility and feminism: the myth condensed into 5 points

CAREER // From Houston, Texas, born 1981. At 8 years of age she was part of Girl’s Tyme with whom she entered, without winning, a talent show called Star Search. Taking inspiration from a passage from the Book of Isaiah, the group changed their name …

OSCAR 2017 // Hairstyling

The unexpected short cut’s year: pixie, undercut and a magnificent Halle Berry with her natural afro style

It was a night that will always be remembered for the unexpected. It started a few days ago, with the controversy between Meryl Streep and Karl Lagerfeld who, having claimed that the actress turned down a Chanel suit at the last minute because another brand …

This month’s haircut / FEBRUARY 2017

Kendall Jenner trasformed by a fantastic lob: “Soft, dishevelled, the just awake effect, perfect result” (Mauro Galzignato)

It is still lob attraction. Kendall Jenner also opts for what will prove itself a super trend for the coming Spring/Summer. Because the much talked about and praised lob is truly a cut that in certain cases radically changes (for the better), the aesthetic of …


Four interesting hair looks (including Jeremy Meeks, the sexy ex-con, now out of jail and modelling for Philip Plein)

The first of the four most important fashion weeks, after which comes London, Milan and Paris, always proves itself a bit avant-garde, and full of ‘hair input’… Like Philipp Plein, who after several seasons in Milan, moves to NYC, “nothing less than to the Public …

HAIR LOOK // Grammy Awards 2017

Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez but above all Lady Gaga with pink-orange locks

In an evening rendered epic thanks to the incredible performance of Beyoncé, who, with the usual class and energy, succeeded in combining her amazing talent with important symbolism (goddesses, maternity, femininity), the 59th Grammy Awards got underway. Together with Queen Bey, Adele was the other …

Sanremo is in the Hair

Chiara’s Blonder, Elodie’s Rose Gold, Bianca Atzei’s wob: the best of the Ariston by Mauro Galzignato

Sanremo 2017 was a record edition, whose broadcasting shares constantly hovered around 50% of the audience—an achievement that is all the more significant considering each show’s average length increased to around 4.5 hours. Sanremo 2017 was likely the second longest TV show in history, after …

STREET ART // Rurales Emilia

It happens in Pianura Padana: writers paint murals on countryside ruins abandoned by rural depopulation, giving life to amazing jams among fields, weeds and bricks

This is a story of a journey to the other side. Or better, of a return voyage. A return from the cities, from the tarmac and cement, to the fields, the canals and the farmsteads. Deserted fields and uninhabited farmhouses. Empty silos. We are in …

Turn off the smartphone, reconnect with the world

20-day battery life, as thin as a credit card. Light Phone is an ode to simplicity that promotes rest and relaxation

Tired of hunting for the latest apps, seeing endless versions of the same phone, widgets, touchscreens, connectivity, extra batteries, blocked devices and never-ending updates? Here is the screen that is not a screen: an LED keypad, a microphone, a loudspeaker. That’s it. Everything you need …

Abruzzo strong, fine (and wonderful)

Pine Cube is a design for relaxing in contact with nature. A project for lifting up one’s head again through ingenious ideas, without selling off one’s own territory

Like being in an aquarium. No fish inside – only you. Alone or in a pair, relax on a comfortable chaise longue, with a small wood-burning stove to keep you warm. An aquarium inside out – you are the fish and outside there is a …

This month’s haircut / JANUARY 2017

A sensational hair/dress contrast: Lagerfeld closes Chanel Haute Couture’s show with Lily-Rose Depp in a princess dress and super-sleek hair

Once upon a time, there was a princess with long hair… “Well not anymore, ladies and gentlemen: Chanel has finally changed the beginning of a story that every woman has dreamed of living since childhood,” explains Mauro Galzignato. “Mind you, the dress is still there, …

New York’s biggest salon

The Astor Place Hairstylist // 75 hairdressers, whose clients include De Niro and Bruce Willis, and 15 languages spoken

At the entrance you are welcomes by a sign that lists the languages spoken in the salon. There are 15 of them, including real languages like Italian, Russian, and Farsi as well as invented languages like bee bop and hip hop. 15 different languages between …

Louis Vuitton FW 2017/18

MORE THAN FASHION // Why Vuitton’s relaxed elegance is art looking to the future

In 2000, a legal case had seen them facing off in court: Supreme (the hyper-cool brand for New York skaters) had used the famous LV monogram on its products without authorisation. Today though Kim Jones, Men’s Creative Director of Vuitton, has sent down the catwalk …

[Best of] GOLDEN GLOBE 2017

La La Land, with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling (at cinemas from 26th January), triumphs before the Academy Awards // Check out the look gallery…

Beverly Hilton Hotel, 74th Annual Golden Globes. Last night, the Hollywood Foreign Press awarded the honour that most consider to predict big Academy Award wins. The evening’s absolute winner was La La Land, the musical comedy directed by 31-year-old Damien Chazelle: with seven prizes, it …

Happy new hair

Looks and hairstyles for those New Year nights: tiaras, accessories and gemstones in a blaze of opulence, fantasy and light

The Christmas period, with its festivities, dinners, occasions for coming together, has always been the time to be bold in your look too: clothes are lit with red, gold, silver, and shining accessories become actors even in the world of hair. Autumn/winter fashion has honed …

Addio a Franca Sozzani

She found herself working for Condé Nast without knowing anything about fashion, initially employed as a secretary. Her extraordinary career followed from there…

Born in Mantua on January 20, 1950. Journalist and Director of Vogue Italy from 1988 until her death, today, aged only 66. With a degree in Literature from Università Cattolica, she found herself working for Condé Nast without knowing anything about fashion, initially employed as …

This month’s haircut / DECEMBER 2016

Bella Hadid proposes all together the three major trends of the moment: "Wet look, cold blonde and braids" (Mauro Galzignato)

Isabella Hadid, known as Bella and aged 20, arrived in New York from her native Malibu to study photography at the Parsons School of Design, but it wasn’t long before she was discovered by the world of fashion and put instead on the other side …

Barbieri on the road

Zero cost for renting a salon and the shave comes to you: a US import, the new frontier is the barbershop-caravan

Although the concept of a private barber was the height of fashion in Ancient Rome and, over the following centuries, for a few privileged aristocrats and the well-to-do, over the last few years it has started to gain popularity once again. This change is especially …

Artemisia Gentileschi exhibition in Rome

The first female painter of the 17th century and a symbol of the emancipation of women. On display at Palazzo Braschi

Woman and painter are two categories that could not go hand in hand in the seventeenth century. Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1653) was an extraordinary woman and painter, which to this day makes her an important figure in art history and a strong symbol of female emancipation. …

“THE CAL” / Pirelli 2017

Not just youth and perfection, but female beauty in all its shapes and ages

Another year, another unmissable fine art photography event. Pirelli’s 2017 calendar, disclosed in Paris, was shot for the third time by German photographer Peter Lindberg. The Cal continues the break that began in the last issues: not just youth and perfection, but a celebration of …

(road to) THE ITALIAN TOUCH #21

The backstage of the shooting of the new magazine, out in February 2017

Milan, Lambrate district, December 2016. The editorial staff of The Italian Touch, the shoot’s Art Director Mauro Galzignato and the hair styling team are hard at work for the new Spring/Summer Collection 2017. The shoot takes place in a rather peculiar location: among the industrial …

Goddesses in lingerie

Tonight at Victoria’s Secret Show 2016, impeccable hair, flawless make-up and a surprise finale by Irina Shayk

Let’s call them the ‘old guard’: Gigi and Bella Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kendall Jenner, Irina Shayk, Adriana Lima, Sara Sampaio, Taylor Hill, Joan Smalls, Izabel Goulart and Elsa Hosk (who opened the show surrounded by a Chinese dragon). And then the ‘new kids’: Alanna Arrington, …

P-ink tattoo project

Beautiful tattoos as a way of healing, for women who have had a mastectomy

“Breast cancer doesn’t have to leave the last mark”. With this phrase P-ink (Personal Ink) perfectly describes its mission. Expert tattoo artists create colourful tattoos to cover the scars left after breast surgery. After the operation, touching their wounded body and looking in the mirror …

Fashion Ski

The best skis of the world, in a special edition by Moncler

Switzerland, land of skiers, but above all ski manufacturers used to signing their creations. Zai Ski was founded in Disentis, Grisons in 2003. Today their ski factory aims at nothing less than perfection. “Zai” comes from Reto-Romansh and means “strong.” Manufactured in a high-tech laboratory …

This month’s haircut / NOVEMBER 2016

Kristina Salinovic: androgynous, punk, but at the same time feminine thanks to the soft fringe

Kristina Salinovic’s short cut is the editor’s cut of choice for November 2016. The Croatian model, who has graced the covers of the most prestigious international magazines (including Vogue France and Italy, photographed by the renowned photographer Steven Meisel, and cover girl for The Italian …

Punk Tribute Report

Mauro Galzignato and The Italian Touch team warm-up the public with punk rhythms at the YOU Hair&Beauty Show

The last Kemon hair-fashions show of 2016 went on stage last 20th of November, in front of around 7,000 hair stylists, journalists and industry specialists. The half-hour show was staged at the Pala Alpitour in Turin with Mauro Galzignato and the Hair Team, The Italian …

Salerno / Reggio Calabria

A photographic journey on the most important link between Northern and Southern Italy: “In Quarta persona” (In Fourth Person) by Martin Errichiello e Filippo Menichetti

The port of Gioia Tauro, one of the largest in Europe, sits on the site of Eranova, the village razed to make way for an industry that was never built. In Saline Joniche, an animal protein factory was to provide jobs and prosperity for the …

Pink Floyd exhibition

The exhibition on the international music legend at the Victoria&Albert Museum in London

When the Victoria and Albert Museum puts on an exhibition, there’s plenty to catch your eye. The installations are always of the highest quality: current, unmissable themes, attention paid to the exhibition itinerary, the choice of exhibits. So when the V&A organises an exhibition on …

Jean-Michel Basquiat

The American legend on display at Milan’s Mudec Museum

Graffiti: “A form of visual expression and artistic experimentation typical of urban spaces. It originates from the spontaneous and illicit act of using spray paint to create designs on walls in urban areas and on trains used for local or metropolitan transport” (Enciclopedia Treccani). Jean-Michel …


The new show by Mauro Galzignato and Kemon, in the final selection at the Italian Hairdresser Award. Read the article and find out how to vote. Just a like!

  It will be the last Kemon 2016 show and is full of novelty, passion and presentations in Italy and abroad. The appointment on stage this time is 20 November at 12:30 with Mauro Galzignato and the The Italian Touch Hair Team. They will present …

Punk in Naples in the 1980s

The incredible photos of Diamond Dogs, a historic underground venue located in a cave made of volcanic rock in the Rione Sanità neighbourhood

Halfway through the 1980s in the centre of Rione Sanità in Naples, in the Cavone, located in a cave made of dark, volcanic rock, a venue was born that was destined to hold a key place in Neapolitan, Italian and international cultural history. Diamond Dogs, …

The hair dryer of the future

Design and performance never seen before: "Supersonic", the new frontier for hair dryers

It’s called Supersonic and it is the result of four years of work by a team of 103 engineers with an investment of 70 million euros for the creation of a laboratory that studies hair and how the hair dryer reacts to stress by having …


Hipster versions of contemporary leaders, designed by Amit Shimoni

Contemporary world leaders and heads of state like you’ve never seen them before. With his keen intuition, Israeli designer Amit Shimoni has created hipster versions of the most important men in modern history, complete with extreme hairstyles. The series is called “Hipstory”, and includes Obama …

Ai Weiwei “Libero” in Florence

Contemporary art is often difficult to interpret, especially for who are not enthusiasts or used to the works. Then there is Ai Weiwei

Contemporary art is often abstract and difficult to interpret, especially for audiences who are not enthusiasts or used to the works. Then there is Ai Weiwei. The most famous living Chinese artist has decided to use art as a sounding chamber in which to denounce firstly …

Paris Fashion Week SS2017 / Hair trends

Side partings, braids, wet look and the coming back of curls: what’s left after the Paris Fashion week...

Appena conclusasi l’ultima settimana della moda per la Primavera/Estate 2017, di seguito vi proponiamo cinque tendenze meritevoli di lode selezionate dall’Hair team The Italian Touch diretto da Mauro Galzignato. Yves Saint Luarent by Anthony Vaccarello Look estremamente semplice e naturale. Dettaglio da non sottovalutare: la …

Louis Vuitton Woman’s SS2017

Colori neutri, asimmetriche geometrie, capelli dal look “quotidiano”…

This time, the models of the Louis Vuitton Women’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection hit the catwalk at Place Vendôme. Nicolas Ghesquière presents a new look, having them arrive via a rectangular spiral. They start out to a background of piano and string music which then changes …

EXPLICIT / Exploring the black side

The Kemon and Mauro Galzignato show on-stage show from 23 October at the Milan edition of ON HAIR

A 28-minute show featuring 12 models who continually take the stage while they are styled multiple times, changing their looks in front of an audience of 5,000 hair-stylists, journalists and industry insiders. Mauro Galzignato and Kemon will participate in the unprecedented EXPLICIT show during the …

This month’s haircut / SEPTEMBER 2016

Perfect use of accessories: “Hair is starting to take on a more significant role in the world of runway shows” (Mauro Galzignato)

Following the retirement of Gisèle Bundchen and Cara Delevingne from the runway, this girl is the year’s most sought-after supermodel. Undisputed queen of the most recent Fashion Weeks, Gigi Hadid, modelling Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection, perfectly demonstrated a trend that is gaining worldwide popularity. The …

Fashion Night 2016 / REPORT

The Italian Touch reports on the cruise show, the latest hair trends and the “work-show” directed by Mauro Galzignato

Two hours of shows with 600 spectators, including 150 from overseas, with delegates hailing from Spain, Japan, Germany, Ireland, Russia and Ukraine. 22 hairstylists took to the stage of Spazio Novecento, in the Palazzo dell’Arte Antica in EUR, Rome, creating 22 hairstyles live across the …

Minimal tattoo

*TREND ALERT / Just simple names, dates, crosses or hearts: the new fashion in tattooing is for minimal digital...

Suprematism is an avant-garde artistic movement that was founded in 1915 in Russia by Kazimir Malevič. It was theorised by the poet Majakovskij and its aim, through the simplification of figurative elements, was to achieve a pure combination of geometric forms, which embodied the ‘supreme’ …

Gucci Woman’s SS 2017

Alessandro Michele continues to enchant with his dream worlds

The invitation for the fashion show was a three dimensional theatre. Inside there were the animals and flowers which have already enlivened the so-called Gucci Garden for some time. This highly imaginative place was created from the visionary mind of the creative director of the …

Normal clothes for normal women

Diverse, anti-conformist, imperfect, extremely beautiful. Watch H&M’s new campaign video

H&M’s new advertising campaign for its autumn/winter collection is called #Ladylike. A long sequence of normal women in normal situations against the soundtrack “She’s a lady” by Tom Jones. They are not all models, and they do not stand in typical poses: after Ikea and …

Burberry [r]EVOLUTION

For the first time in the history of fashion: a collection that bears no regard for the seasons, bringing men and women together, available immediately for purchase online and in Burberry stores

The collection can be called cutting-edge for at least three reasons: last night at 7.30pm in London (8.30pm Italian time) in the new, magnificent location of Maker’s House and with an entire live orchestra as its soundtrack, Burberry had men and women parade together on …

Hokusai, Hiroshige, Utamaro

After 150 years they still serve as inspiration for artists and generations of contemporary tattooists. On show from Thursday in Milan

The occasion is being held to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the relations between Japan and Italy that opened up diplomatic connections between the two countries following two centuries of Japan’s isolation. A special exhibition presenting three great masters of ukiyo-e, Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), Utagawa …

“The Great Beauty” of Rome

From a 70s bar in Trastevere to the marble-covered boutique close to the location of our Fashion Night next week, the addresses and history of five must-see places

More than just a film, due to the care lavished on every detail, each frame could be a work of art in itself. La Grande Bellezza, winner of the Oscar for best foreign language film in 2013, is a wonderful advert for some familiar Roman …

Venezia 73

The first Film Festival of the world. The hair fashion trends of the 73rd edition

The first film festival in the world, the Venice International Film Festival, first took place in 1932. Over the last two decades, however, the films that almost always win are acclaimed by the critics but not the public (this year the Golden Lion went to …

Fashion photography / Peter Lindbergh

The creator of the Pirelli 2017 Calendar is among the first to denounce the abuse of Photoshop in the fashion industry. An exhibition at the Kunstahl in Rotterdam

“I want to free women from the terror of perfection,” he said in an interview with La Stampa a few days ago. Among the first to denounce the abuse of Photoshop in the fashion industry (“Retouching is a crime”), Peter Lindbergh is currently and assuredly …

AFROPUNK Fest 2016

THE CENTRE OF THE WORLD / Street-style of the future in Brooklyn

Let’s face it…there are very few events worldwide that can generate such interest. Incredible to think that it all started with a group of Afro-Americans who were fed up with being called that. The colour of their skin, in their view, had nothing to do …

Fashion Night 2016 (SOLD OUT)

ROME 25-26 SETTEMBRE 2016 / Hair show, seminars and THE ITALIAN TOUCH COLLECTION #20: 500 places available, all sold out at the end of July

We’re back in Rome. The next Kemon Fashion Night will once again be held in the magnificent Spazio Novecento, in the Palazzo dell’Arte Antica in EUR, on Sunday 25 and Monday 26 September. SUNDAY 25/9 Doors open at 18:30 and the show, directed by Mauro …

Olympic Hair

GO TO THE GALLERY Evening, beach, everyday looks, “and the trending hair colour for the next Fall/Winter” (Mauro Galzignato)

Four hairstyles for four different occasions. Among the many interesting ones, we chose the ones which struck our editorial staff the most, and also Mauro Galzignato, Artistic Director of our hairstyle collections. SIMONE BILES Four golds in Rio for the American gymnast, who comes with …

This month’s haircut / AUGUST 2016

All the advantages of the Alessia Marcuzzi's Wob: “Change your look without the fear of a drastic haircut” (Mauro Galzignato)

Roman, 44 years old. Height: 1.78m, measurements: 100-60-95. One of television’s most treasured presenters: Mai dire gol, Festivalbar (from 1996 to 2002), Le iene (2001-2006), Grande Fratello from 2006, Coca-Cola Summer Festival from 2013, L’Isola dei famosi from 2015. One son, Tommaso (2001), with footballer …

Diversity becomes a special feature

Fashion gets closer to the real world: Winnie Harlow, the first model with vitiligo

Fashion weeks, newspapers and magazines have been carrying photographs of Canadian model Chantelle Winnie. What’s special about this? She has vitiligo over all her body, from her face down to her legs. This is a skin disease that affects 1% of the world’s population, where …


Alicia Keys, Adele on the Rolling Stone’s cover, Beyonce and Lady Gaga: the “normcore” revenge takes up in the make up world

“I don’t want to hide myself anymore. Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing.” Alicia Keys has made it very clear that her choice to stop using makeup is …


"To remain beautiful and bearded even in the heat, without suffering" (Mauro Galzignato)

1. First task: a clean beard. After swimming in the sea or swimming pool, rinse with fresh water to remove chlorine or salt spray: “this dries and dehydrates”. 2. Obligated protection. The same products that your fiancée, wife or girlfriend uses for her hair will …